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Tips for beautiful skin into old age

A beautiful complexion and healthy, elastic and wrinkle-free skin well into old age are not for free. But if you do something for it, the chances are good that you will achieve this goal

What is the secret of beautiful skin? Well, first of all, the disposition plays a role. In addition, it is about what you do to your skin or not. And there are a few things that can be taken to heart in everyday life so that the skin shines for a long time.

Comprehensive skin care – especially for the face

Comprehensive skin care is very important for beautiful skin.

Don’t go to bed without cleansing your face. Creams, make-up, sweat, etc. clog the pores and the skin can no longer breathe. Sebum forms, bacteria multiply, and skin problems arise. But water alone is not enough because it does not dissolve fat. Soap, on the other hand, dries out the skin extremely. It is best to use a cleansing product specially formulated for the skin.

Masks are always a good idea. Specially tailored to the skin type, they provide the skin with everything it needs. In addition, the effect is immediately visible. The active ingredients are best absorbed when the pores have been opened with warm steam. A gentle peeling can be carried out before the mask. Regular peels (once a week) also help shrink pores, remove blackheads, and stimulate blood circulation.

Last but not least, the skin is also happy about a massage. To do this, simply massage the face with a rich cream for three minutes with small, circular movements before applying make-up. Then simply remove the cream with a paper towel.

Drink a lot

The human body is largely made up of water. Drinking a lot helps the skin look good. If you drink too little, dryness lines appear. In the morning it is best to start the day with a glass of water with lemon juice. This stimulates the metabolism.

Protection against UV radiation

The UV radiation from the sun causes the skin to age. In the worst case, you can even get skin cancer. That is why good protection is worth its weight in gold, against wrinkles and cancer. Day creams or make-up with UV protection are best.

Right nutrition

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A promotes cell division and helps in the formation of elastic fibers. Carrots, broccoli, spinach and pumpkin prevent dry skin. The skin, especially the connective tissue, is happy about the firming properties of vitamins C and E.

Detox and stick with it

Nicotine and other pollutants in smoke cause the skin to age extremely. The blood vessels constrict, the blood flow is obstructed and the skin looks gray and sallow. Smokers look older for a reason. A girl who starts glowing sticks at 15 has the skin of a 25-year-old at 20, that of a 35-year-old at 25, and at 30 the skin looks like a 45-year-old. The aging process is accelerating more and more. At 50, your skin is finally over and it’s time for a new one. Oh yes, there aren’t any. Gone stupid.

Too much alcohol is also not a good idea because it dehydrates the body. This dries out the skin, which affects its ability to take care of itself and leads to wrinkles caused by dryness.

Sleep and good mood

Sleep keeps you young because the cells regenerate during this time. Regular sleep helps to keep the skin young for a long time. Night creams provide additional support with active ingredients made from amino acids, ginkgo, tiger grass and wheat protein. These creams should also be applied to the décolleté and neck.


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