Privacy Policy

Collection and use of personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Administrator”) limits the collection or use of User data to a minimum in order to correctly display and use the Services provided by the Service.

We obtain personal data when they are voluntarily provided to us by users, e.g. sent to contact boxes, or during registration for the use of selected services. In some cases, personal data may have been provided to the Administrator by users earlier (e.g. in case of former employees). If you decide to register and/or provide personal data on our websites, we will be able to contact the registered users, thus using the personal data provided by you in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those set out in this Privacy Policy unless we obtain your consent, or any other use of the information is required or permitted by law. For example, if you have sent us an e-mail requesting information about the Service, we will use your e-mail address and other data submitted to fulfill your request. If you send us information in connection with a purchase on the Service, we will use that information to fulfill your order.

The Service collects only the personal data that is necessary to provide the services or activities to which users have given their consent (e.g. marketing activities). If additional optional information is required, users are notified before such information is collected.

The Service does not purposefully collect “sensitive” personal information, unless such an obligation arises under applicable law, for example, for recruitment purposes. Sensitive information includes personal information about your race, background, political opinion, trade union membership, religion or belief, physical or mental health, intimate life or criminal record. We urge users to exercise caution when providing sensitive information to the Service and under no circumstances to provide sensitive information to the Service unless they consent to the use of such information by the Service in order to conduct its legitimate business and to entrust the processing and storage of such data in the Service’s databases. If you have any questions as to whether the provision of sensitive information to the Service is or may be required in an individual case, please contact us at [-].

Automatic collection of personal data

In some cases, the Site and service providers use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to automatically collect certain types of information when users visit our website or through email addresses. The collection of this type of information will help us better understand and improve the operation, functionality and performance of the Site’s websites and determine the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

IP addresses

An IP address is a number assigned to the user’s computer when it is connected to the Internet, which enables communication between the computer and the server. IP addresses of users visiting the site may be recorded for the security of the IT system and for diagnostic purposes. This information may also be used in an aggregate form to analyze Internet trends and evaluate the operation of the website.

Cookie files

Cookies are placed by our website in the user’s computer or device connected to the Internet during each visit to our site, which allows our website to remember the user’s computer or device and serves several purposes.

Some of our websites display a banner asking for your consent to place cookies on your computer. If the user does not agree to this, activities carried out through the user’s computer or a device connected to the Internet will not be monitored for marketing purposes. A second type of cookie, also known as a session cookie, may be required to operate the selected function. Cookies of this type are not blocked after the user does not agree to their placement on the computer. The user’s choice will be stored in a cookie for 90 days. If the user wants to change the previously selected option, he should remove the cookies from his Internet browser.

Although most web browsers automatically allow cookies to be placed on your computer, you may not agree to this by making changes to your browser settings (in most cases, this option can be found in the Tools or Preferences menu of your browser). You can also delete cookies from your device at any time. In this case, please note that if you do not agree to the placement of cookies, you will not be able to take full advantage of all the functions of our website.

Additional information about managing cookies can be found in the Help file of your browser or on sites such as

The site may use third party widgets and social plugins to allow users to share content through third party social applications such as the “Like” button on Facebook or the widget on Twitter. All of these social apps may collect and use data about user activity on the Site. Any personal data provided by users through such social networking applications may be collected and used by other users of such social networking applications and their interactions are governed by the privacy policy of the companies that provide the applications. We do not control and are not responsible for these companies or their use of your information.

The service is not intended for children (individuals under 18 years old).

Protection, Sharing and entrusting personal data processing

The administrator, as the administrator of the users’ data filing system, also takes care of the security of the system, in accordance with the standards set out in the Personal Data Protection Act. These data are particularly protected and secured against unauthorized access. The data security procedures applied by the Administrator effectively protect the data against any interference of third parties.

The Administrator also takes the necessary measures to protect databases containing personal data sets by internal limitation of access to the databases. Only a small group of authorized persons from among those acting for the Administrator has access to Users’ personal data.

The Service does not make personal data available to unrelated entities, except for the situations in which it is necessary in connection with the conduct of our activity or in order to carry out the applications of the Service users, or in situations required or permitted by law.

In certain cases, the Service may share your information with third parties or service providers or vendors acting on our behalf to fulfill your requests.

We may share personal information in connection with the sale, assignment or other transfer of ownership of the website to which the information is linked, as well as upon request of authorities or law enforcement agencies, or as required by applicable laws, court judgments or other governmental regulations. The need to share personal data may also be caused by data privacy or security audits and/or when investigating complaints or taking actions related to security risks. The Service does not sell personal data to third parties, nor does it entrust the processing of personal data provided by users to third parties, which could be used by such third parties for their marketing purposes without user’s consent.


During a standard visit to the Website, it is not necessary to provide personal data, however, the Website may require you to submit certain data if you wish to obtain additional information about our services or events. The user may also be asked by the Service whether he or she agrees to the processing of his or her personal data in a specific way, to which the user may agree or refuse. If you receive certain information or services, such as an electronic newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in each such transmission. If you do so, the Service will attempt to remove your information immediately, but you may need to provide additional information to fulfill your request.

As mentioned earlier, users have the option to configure their web browsers to reject all cookies or to notify you of their installation. However, please note that if you reject cookies, some elements of the Site may not work properly.


If you entrust your personal information to us, in most cases you have adequate access to it so that you can modify it or correct any errors that may be contained in it. You can also send it to our address: A request to update or delete certain data, and the Service will take all reasonable steps to comply with such request, provided that it complies with applicable law.

Data Security and Integrity

The Service applies appropriate policies and procedures to protect personal data against unauthorized loss, misuse, change or destruction. However, even with our best efforts, it is not possible to completely protect your data against all risks. We make every effort to ensure that access to your personal information is limited to those who need to know this information. Those who have access to the data are obliged to keep it confidential. In addition, one of the principles of the Service’s policy in this area is to store personal information only for such period of time as is necessary to fulfill the user’s request or until the user requests the removal of such information.

Links to other sites

Please note that links on the Website frezcrew may redirect you to other websites. These websites may have a different privacy policy which differs from this one. We encourage users to read the privacy policy of each website visited carefully before providing their personal information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes in this document, which reflect the current Privacy Policy. In case of modifications, the date of the last update, which appears on the first page of the document, also changes.