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Mama-Beauty: 4 tips against tired looks

Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you look tired too. Fortunately, there are a few little things that give us a fresh glow and for which you can find time even in the stressful everyday life of mom.

As a mom you have to sacrifice a lot. Time for yourself and sleep are high on the list. Unfortunately, these are the very things that affect how we feel and how we look. Sooner or later, however, every mom has enough of the sentence “You look tired”, or even better, “Are you sick?” And wishes to be all able to cover up the signs of lack of sleep. Depending on how quickly you come to this decision, this is also relatively easy to do.

We have selected four effective ways for you to renounce the sleep deprived look forever. And don’t worry, none of our tips recommend “just getting more sleep”

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Cleanse your face every night

After a long day we are just tired and want to fall into bed. There is a great temptation to skip facial cleansing. Especially if you didn’t have make-up anyway. But that’s a big mistake! During the course of the day, sweat, dead skin cells, fine dust and other contaminants from the air collect on our facial skin. This has to be washed off every evening so that our pores do not clog and the skin can concentrate fully on renewing the cells at night. This is the only way we can look fresh and somewhat relaxed in the morning.

In addition, there is never this one-time failure. Even if we skip facial cleansing ‘only’ one evening, every couple of weeks, that is many, many times over a number of years. This can even accelerate skin aging. And after all, we don’t want that either. So: bite the bullet and wash your face – every evening

A quick workout

Exercise is probably the last thing you want to do when you just feel tired and tired. Unfortunately, it is the best you can give your body in this situation. Exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. You sleep more soundly, even if the number of hours doesn’t change, and you look less tired as a result. In addition, your skin is better supplied with blood, which can give you exactly the glow that you are missing now. Not to mention that regular exercise – even very light exercise – means that you have more energy in everyday life.

So the only question is: How do you manage to find time for sport in your super hectic everyday life as a mom? The good news is that not only is it enough to incorporate light exercise into your daily routine, a short workout is enough. Even if it’s just a 5-minute YouTube workout, every movement is better than no movement at all


The nice thing about Youtube workouts is that you can do most of them in the comfort of your living room because you don’t need any equipment for them. That means: you can do it even when your child is there and awake. Just take it with you into the living room and let mom watch it exercise.

The best thing to do is to put your baby in a baby hop. So your sweetheart is safe in your area, but can still turn 360 degrees in the hopper and thus has everything in view.

The ultimate secret weapon: honey

It is almost paradoxical: Hardly any other beauty product has been used as long as honey and yet many women today do not know how effective honey can be in beauty care. Honey contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals that can help with skin renewal. In addition, honey donates moisture like no other product and, thanks to the enzymes it contains, it even calms irritated skin. The antibacterial agents in honey can also help with acne.

The best thing about honey, however, is that it works super fast. Simply apply a layer of liquid honey to the skin before brushing your teeth in the morning and then let it work in while you brush your teeth. Then you simply wash the honey off with water. You will find that after these three minutes your skin will look as fresh and well-cared for as it has not for a long time!

By the way, your skin always benefits from it. It doesn’t matter whether you do this every day or just now and then. In theory, you can save this honey mask – for the days when you really need the freshness kick.

A fixed make-up routine

Sometimes there are days when the little helpers don’t help and you have to pull out the heavy artillery. If you still want to look fresh after a particularly short and tiring night, there is no avoiding make-up. It’s the most effective and easiest way to look radiant in minutes. Unfortunately, especially with young children, it is not always easy to find the time to put on make-up in peace. Mom has to get a little more creative in order not to have to get up in front of the children at dawn.

What you need for this is a toy that will buy you time. It has to arouse and keep your children’s curiosity so that they can occupy themselves with it as long as possible.


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