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Make-up in summer: this is how you apply make-up in the heat

Make-up in summer: this is how you apply make-up in the heat

Oh, summer! If only it wasn’t for the annoying sweating.Finally summer! The sun shines from a deep blue sky, the joie de vivre increases as the temperatures do, and you feel completely at ease in your skin. Only when it comes to beauty, this time of year harbors one or two pitfalls: Make-up and extreme heat don’t always go well together. The result: By late morning at the latest, the foundation has run, the face shows an unsightly shine, and there isn’t much left of eye shadow or lipstick either. The question arises: How do I best apply make-up in midsummer?

What basis does good make-up need for summer?

The best basis for great make-up is care. “So that there is no build-up of heat at high temperatures, light creams and lotions in which nourishing lipids are processed in aqueous solutions are ideal,” explains Prof. Volker Steinkraus, dermatologist from Hamburg. This is of course even more true when foundation and Co. are applied to well-groomed skin.

How do you care for the skin before applying make-up?

Above all, it is important to allow a sufficiently long time to pass between morning care and make-up: only after around 15 minutes is the cream soaked into the skin that you can start applying make-up.

Which make-up is suitable for high heat?

“In the summer, many women consider using waterproof make-up,” explains make-up artist Michaela Ioannidou from Villingen-Schwenningen in Baden-Württemberg. “But these products do not let the skin breathe, and there is a lot of heat build-up and thus increased sweating.” It is better to choose a light make-up and pat it into the skin with a sponge. “This way, the foundation bonds better to the skin than if you just spread it with your fingers.” If you can’t work so well with the sponge, you can use a special make-up brush instead.

Which make-up should you avoid when it is hot?

Make-up artist Peter Arnheim from Berlin advises against products that contain silicones. In some foundations, they are supposed to make the skin smoother. “In summer, however, such make-ups seal the skin and thus promote perspiration,” explains the expert. “If you can’t do without a foundation even in the heat, you should use light powder make-up if you have oily or combination skin.” Women with a dry complexion are best advised to use a tinted day cream.

How does makeup stay fresh for a long time?

Both make-up professionals know a trick that makes make-up look fresh for longer: mineral water sprays, which are available in pharmacies, for example. They cover the skin with a fine spray mist and thereby cool it.

What to do when you sweat

But what to do if, despite all your efforts, the heat is stronger than the make-up? “The top priority is then: never run your hands over your face to wipe off the sweat,” emphasizes Ioannidou. It is better to put a cosmetic or a handkerchief on the face, dab off the sweat and then apply some loose powder with the powder puff. “The same applies here: Do not wipe, just tap in lightly.”

How do you remove sweat?

Her colleague Arnheim adds: “In addition, some manufacturers now offer special blotting paper that has been developed to soak up excess sweat.” These are used to dab the skin lightly. “Then freshen up the make-up with a touch of powder.” For special occasions such as an important business meeting, the expert recommends airbrush make-up that is applied in the cosmetic studio. This is made on a water basis and allows the skin to breathe underneath. This way the make-up stays fresh and even for a long time.


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