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Living, sleeping and working in the youth room

Furnishing a teenager’s room takes some creativity. Due to the multi-layered use of the space, it is not an easy task to set up a youth room 

Setting up a youth room means setting up three rooms

Young people use their room for sleeping, working and for leisure purposes. Since this usually takes place in a rather small, rarely square room, a few points must be observed for optimization when setting up.

If the bed is not on the long side, but on the transverse side of the room, this creates more space. If a sofa bed is also chosen as a bed, another step towards multifunctional use has already been taken. On the one hand, there is no bedroom character during the day, on the other hand, a lower drawer offers not only space for bed linen but also additional storage space for other things.

A fancy youth room doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. (Source: ondatra-m / Thinkstock)

Choose tall and narrow cabinets instead of wide ones

Tall, narrow cabinets have the advantage that they can be used to fill in gaps and that they do not appear as bulky when distributed across the room. High cabinets distributed on the walls also offer the advantage of being able to integrate a desk in between

When furnishing a youth room, you assume that you need to create more space than is available. Ikea offers wardrobes with a width of only 50 centimeters. Distributed three of them in the room, is less overwhelming than a closet with a width of 1.50 meters. A wide closet would take up almost all of one wall. This in turn means that floor space is lost for other parts of the facility.

If you set up a youth room, you can generally combine better with narrow furniture. An open shelf wall can be installed between two tall cupboards. This loosens up the room and offers space for TV , books and radio 

Cozy with yellow tones: In this youth room, the bed is used as a sofa during the day. (Source: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images)

Youth room: expression of individuality

The tastes are different, as is the case with the furnishings. The design of the youth room should above all be in the hands of the youth himself. Young people may see their freedom given by the fact that they fix old furniture from the flea market themselves. Design and color may not go together, but they are an expression of individuality. The desk doesn’t have to be from the furniture store, there are various ways to build it yourself. If old wooden boxes that are opened at the front serve as legs, there is wonderful storage space for books or DVDs. When it comes to the choice and design of the worktop, there are also countless variations – from wood to glass to Euro pallets.

Parents should give their children the clues, also with regard to the required storage space. Nobody can avoid cupboards. These should be sized so that they do not visually restrict the youthful open space, especially in smaller rooms.


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