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I will keep these 5 fashion resolutions in 2021 – we promise!

Fortunately, all is not lost in the annual resolution game, because giving up in 2021 is not an option when it comes to one thing – when it comes to fashion. As a fashion editor, I spend the whole day dealing with the most beautiful topic in the world, I know what’s trendy and how best to wear it. I love my closet at home dearly and I always try to fill it up with the latest pieces (small spoiler for resolution # 1). So far!

And yet there is definitely a need for optimization here and there. So in 2021 I will be tackling the topic with the good New Year’s resolutions – I want to get more out of fashion, shop more consciously and once and for all declare war on the “I have nothing to wear” feeling. And these five projects should help me …

Resolution # 1: Baby, think twice

It’s arguably the most classic of all resolutions when it comes to fashion, and yet it can’t be topped the list often enough. Because let’s be honest: Even if we don’t intend to, when the going gets tough, we’ll close our closets again … 2021 will be over! In the New Year I think three times before swiping the credit card through the reader. The metallic colored skirt would be ideal for the next party in the moonlight, at which unicorns are the guests of honor? And the sweater with the cute cable pattern looks like the other 28 sweaters with the cute cable pattern in my closet, but is it really different? Who am I kidding … In the new year: Less kidding yourself, more thinking, more conscious shopping! 

Resolution # 2: Something new every now and then

It feels like I deal with the topic of fashion non-stop – and I can’t think of anything better. Accordingly, I am surrounded almost non-stop by looks that I sometimes find more, sometimes less good, but often celebrate in such a way that I would like to style them immediately. But what do I do? In the morning I pick up my usual little dress instead of romping around in my closet and allowing a little fresh air to all the trend pieces that are slowly but surely on their way into eternal fashion oblivion. It’s completely okay to be in your fashionable comfort zone – trying something new every now and then to expand your repertoire of looks with a bit of luck has not hurt anyone. And who knows? Maybe thanks to this resolution I will become a jeans fanatic in 2021!

Resolution # 3: #ootd according to plan

Speaking of dresses! My mornings usually look like this: The alarm clock rings much too early, as always, then I curse my life for a moment because it doesn’t let me sleep in, snooze around 3,589 times just to end up being so pressed for time that there isn’t a minute too long to really worry about my look. Fortunately, the beloved dress is already at hand, so that my signature look can be styled quickly. This process works wonderfully (apart from the fact with the alarm clock, of course), but now it also bores me a lot. In order to be able to optimally implement my resolution # 2, the look in the new year will be put together in the evening in the future. Then I have the peace and quiet To fish a few forgotten favorite pieces out of the closet and combine them into cool new styles that take off the beloved dresses every now and then. Nice side effect: the time saved I can press the snooze button 3,590 times – woop woop!

Resolution # 4: Order is half the battle

I’m really lucky: I have a well-stocked wardrobe and a chair that, thanks to the countless items of clothing on it, I last saw when I moved in. Means: Too much stuff for too little space. In 2021, the topic of mucking out and tidying up will be at the top of my list. My plan: the Marie Kondo style. I will pick up each item individually and ask myself: “Does it make me happy?” If no, bye with √∂! If so, off to the systematic wardrobe. Because this too will undergo a real metamorphosis in 2021 and become a part of you Develop a black fashion hole devouring everything into a perfectly sorted Eldorado of favorite items. Hach, the thought of it alone makes you happy, right? And the best

Resolution # 5: Me, myself and I

No matter how much you can shop, style or tidy up: In the end, the most important thing – and this applies to fashion as to everything else – is that we feel good! So before we do tabularasa in our wardrobe because we want to bring more style to our look in 2021, we should make sure that the end result makes us really happy and still suits us. Because with all our love of trends: In the end, the coolest style is your own personality and we should be really aware of that again in 2021 – me too!


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