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9 your holiday home so that every guest will be happy to come back

Walls and floors

First start from scratch and take a look at the walls and floors in the apartment: Is there a need to paint again or to paper the walls? Replacing floors is quick and easy with click laminate or high-quality PVC floors without sacrificing quality.

When choosing the color of your walls, light colors look particularly modern and friendly, with floors you should use dark colors or wood patterns.

Also consider that the floor coverings in your holiday apartment should be as hard-wearing and easy to care for as possible. This also saves you a lot of nerves when cleaning your accommodation.

The bedroom

If you really only want to accommodate the bare essentials, think of a bed or a sofa bed (per guest), a bedside table or a shelf and a chest of drawers or a cupboard. This decor is really minimalist and appropriate if you only offer a guest room.

The kitchen

If you rent out an entire accommodation, you must of course also think about the kitchen: In addition to the hob, oven and sink, there should always be a work surface and of course storage space for pots, dishes and cutlery. The longer the possible stays, the more space you should offer for groceries in the refrigerator and in the cupboards so that guests can stock up for the period.

The living room

In a living room, a couch or armchair is standard. Decide for yourself whether you want to add a television as well. In addition, you can also fill a small bookshelf or offer a few board games.

Instead of being in the kitchen, there can also be a dining table here – it also offers space for children to paint or families to play.

Type of furniture

Many landlords reuse old furniture that friends no longer need or that are left over from the children’s room furnishings, for example. Before you decide to do so, take a critical look at these pieces of furniture: are they really still in good condition for someone to be comfortable with?

In addition, mixed up furniture does not look very homely if you do not consciously choose it for this style of decor. There are some very affordable furniture suppliers that deliver quickly even when ordered online.

How do I set up a holiday home?

Furnishing a vacation home is critical to the satisfaction of your guests and the image of your rental business . To help you with this task and to simplify the process, we have collected 9 important tips for furnishing holiday homes.

Tip 1: know your target audience

Finding out who your target audience is from the start will make your setup decisions a bit easier. Depending on the size and layout of your property, it may be a suitable destination for families with children. In this case, it would make sense to choose furniture for short-term rentals that is also child-friendly .

On the other hand, if your place is smaller and cozier, you may be able to market it as a romantic getaway for couples , for example for a honeymoon.

No matter who you identify as your ideal group of guests, these should be taken into account throughout the entire process of furnishing your home, as this will determine the choices for some furniture over others.

After all, what use is a dining table with 10 seats if your holiday apartment only accommodates four people and does not allow any additional visitors?

Tip 2: Find inspiration on the internet

At the same time as planning the target groups, you can start collecting ideas for the general look and style you want to achieve for your holiday home.

The internet is full of interior design ideas that will leave you amazed – especially social media like Instagram and Pinterest .

On social media, follow all the decoration stores, interior decorating magazines, and design studios that come to mind. Then you can save all the pictures, “pin” them and save them as favorites, which will serve as inspiration for your own holiday home furnishings.

You can even use these channels and pages to check out how other vacation rental owners are furnishing their properties and then aim to make your property look even better!

Tip 3: define your style

The personality of your vacation rental goes hand in hand with your own tastes, the location of the property and the budget you have available. While deciding on a central theme is a good idea, remember that you want your property to appeal to a wide range of guests.

That means you prefer neutral color schemes to garish colors and should keep ornaments and trinkets to a minimum.

Many landlords choose to incorporate some elements of their region into the decoration of the property. For example, shades of blue and sea-inspired decorations for houses on the beach or rustic wooden elements with knitted bedspreads for a hut in the mountains.

Just take a stroll around your area to find inspiration for your own home interior design and come up with creative ideas for interior design.

Tip 4: Invest in high-quality and durable furniture

In general, furniture in a holiday apartment wears out faster than in a normal home due to the large number of incoming visitors. Some pieces of furniture, such as mattresses, can be protected more easily and cheaply than others.

For large pieces of furniture where the risk of accidental damage is greater (such as dining tables, sofas, etc.), investing in practical, durable furniture that is more resistant to stains, scratches and damage is a smart move. This can save you money in the long run.

Bonus tip: It is common practice to leave a rental deposit for holiday apartments so that guests feel a greater sense of responsibility for the accommodation.

Tip 5: Provide enough storage space

While it may not seem like the most creative part of furnishing your vacation home, storage space is an essential factor to always consider.

Especially if your guests are staying for a week or more , you should provide storage options through cupboards, drawers or clothes rails. So the guests can unpack their suitcases and feel more at home.

Your accommodation should also have a cloakroom at the entrance, no matter how big or small the apartment is. If there is no space for this, a few hooks on the wall are an alternative and decorative variant. For larger apartments, a proper cloakroom and a shoe cabinet are more suitable. A shoe bench also encourages guests to take off their shoes at the entrance and avoid carrying dirt into the living areas.

Tip 6: less is more

While you may decorate every area in your own home with objects and souvenirs, that can quickly appear overwhelming and overloaded for a holiday guest in a holiday apartment. After all, the latest trends in minimalism exist for one reason: They make the room feel clean and can even have a calming effect on people

et your guests really enjoy your holiday apartment by keeping the worktops as manageable as possible and distributing decorations such as mirrors, pictures and plants well.

Also, be careful not to leave any personal items such as family photos.

Tip 7: get help from the experts

If you feel overwhelmed with furnishing and your budget allows it, you can also hire a furnishing consultant or a furnishing agency who specialize in the design of vacation homes.

These companies plan and coordinate everything to do with the facility for you. This also includes the delivery of furniture, which is particularly useful if you manage your accommodation remotely and cannot be on site for every delivery.

You may have to pay more for a furnishing expert, but a particularly stylish and modern furnishing can make your accommodation stand out from the crowd. That in turn brings you more bookings. Investing in a professional can definitely be worth it!

Tip 8: Save taxes

New furnishings can be quite costly, which is why many landlords make the mistake of using old or poor quality and durable furniture.

However, you can deduct the expenses for the set-up as business expenses and thereby save taxes. For this it is important that the intention to make a profit by renting out your holiday home is evident.

There are depreciation tables for this purpose, which list which useful life is calculated for which objects. It is therefore advisable to inquire with your tax advisor about the deduction of your set-up costs for your holiday home.

Tip 9: Use the facility for your marketing


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