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Garden paths: tips and ideas for design

Garden paths are perfect for connecting the different areas of your property. They also beautify the entire ambience. We have some useful design tips for you.

Creating paths in the garden can be a great addition to the visual design of the property. Garden paths give the complex movement and personality.

In addition , the right choice of materials and the combination with other elements give the paths even more charisma.

Garden paths can be medium-sized or very extensive, depending on the size of the area. In any case, they will add life and dynamism to your garden.

Garden paths are usually created to connect two or more areas . For example the following:

  • The entrance of the property with your house.
  • Your house with a second house.
  • The house with your children’s tree house.
  • Your house with the pool.
  • The house with a vegetable garden.
  • The house with a relaxation area in the garden.

want to give your outdoor area a little more uniformity and dynamism,

we will show you different ways how you can design and create garden paths with different materials that are also great to combine.

Garden paths

Garden paths with stones or slabs

Stones and flagstones are the most common materials used for building walkways in the home garden.

Also, planting lawn between the stones is a popular and beautiful option. This is the way in your garden give more uniformity.

The use of stones or slabs is an interesting option for houses that are more rustic in construction. The different sizes, irregular shapes and different colors go well with the rest of nature.

Use small stones

Small or crushed stones are also a way to shape your path.

Garden paths with stone steps

If your terrain has a slight incline, you can take advantage of this and design your path with steps made of large stones. Depending on the slope and the course of the garden paths, you can build a few steps in different sectors of the path.

Brick garden paths

If your house is built of bricks, using this material to design the garden paths will complement the overall look of your home.

You can arrange the stones in one direction or lay them out side by side in a vertical and horizontal direction. In this way you lay the entire route of the paths.

Paths with tree slices

Tree grates also give your outdoor area a rustic look.

It’s also a good idea to add turf to the space between the wooden panels.

Wooden hut

Options for the edge of the garden paths

Although the most important thing in the construction of the garden paths is the material you walk on, any additional attachment to the edges gives the paths even more stability. There are an infinite number of materials and many interesting ways to process them.

Set up flower boxes

If you’ve built your path with brick, you can add some concrete flower boxes around the edges. This is a very interesting alternative as you can combine the two materials.

The right choice of planting depends on the rest of the style of your garden.

Brick roadside

If you have a path made of small gravel stones, you can put a row of different colored bricks next to each other on the side of the path. However, you should bury them well in the ground.

you combine two different materials and at the same time create a boundary for your garden path. This will ensure that the stones stay where you want them to be.

Limitation with wood

Wood and stone are two natural materials with very different properties. In addition, the wood is a nice warm contrast to the rather cold character of the stones.

For example, you can put small wooden stakes of small height at the edge of your path. However, you should install lighting at the edges of the path, especially if the path is also used at night. So the round timbers are visible even in the dark and nobody will trip over them.

Light up your garden paths


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