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Climbing plants: this is how they grow as desired

You can use these methods to guide climbing plants to grow the way you want them. Turn your home into a plant paradise!

Climbing plants , also known as scaffolding climbers, are plants that cling to certain surfaces. These plants climb vertically up the surface that you have chosen for their growth. They also cover, protect or decorate the surfaces in your home.

It is important to know how to guide climbing plants so that they grow healthy and as desired.

This is how you manage your climbing plants

You can grow your climbing plants on the outside or inside walls of your home. You can usually see them on the walls of patios, gardens and courtyards. But they are also widespread on the interior walls of apartments.

First, you need to choose a suitable place where the light falls for most of the day so that they can easily absorb it.

Guide climbing plants

In order to guide your climbing plants, you need to give them some support. This gives them adequate support and guidance so that they can grow easily.

Next, we’ll show you some practical and original structures that you can use to guide your climbing plants and help them grow.

Wooden sticks

a medium-thick wooden stick and tie the growing plant to it.

Attach it to the wall with a string so that it doesn’t slip.

she will get used to following a direction and knowing where her path is.

Metal structures for climbing plants

There are many different metal structures to guide the plants. They can be attached to both the exterior and interior walls of the house. There are interesting and original designs for the interiors.

Klettergerüst für Pflanzen

Metal structures are available in round, triangular and square shapes, the climber will hold on to and have dynamic and controlled growth.

Also, some of these structures look very nice. Thus, they serve as an orientation aid for your plants and decorate your home at the same time.

Flower pot with metal structure

There are also metal frames with integrated flower pots. You can buy them as a unit or separately. Usually these pots are large and made of sturdy materials. There you can insert your climbing plants and place the pot together with the metal construction on the wall.

This option is very suitable for patios, terraces , and even to separate outdoor areas.

Rows with wire

to stretch vertical rows on the facade with wire.

As a result, they will each make their way along the same row and not mix with one another.

Wire for climbing plants

Interesting structures

There is another very interesting alternative to routing your climbing plants. Once the plant is sufficiently developed, you can create a metal structure in the ground for it. There are metal cones that can be stuck in the ground or in flower pots.

These objects are ideal for guiding the plants and giving the garden an interesting and original shape.


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