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Child friendly garden playground

A playground is an excellent way for children to discharge their energy, develop balance and motor coordination. Urban squares are a place to meet other children. However, they are often crowded, dirty and not always in good condition. How about your garden playground? We suggest how to arrange your outdoor playground.

What are the elements of the home playground?

A home playground can consist of various elements adjusted to the age of the child. Children get bored quickly, so it is worth to provide them with various devices that are conducive to long play. We want to introduce you to the elements of the home playground:

Garden playground: what material to use?

The playground can be made of different materials. Most often wood, metal or durable plastics are used. When deciding on a wooden playground for your garden, remember to impregnate it regularly, so that it will be in good condition for a long time. Wood naturally fits into the garden landscape, so it is the most commonly used material for building playgrounds for children. Some elements, such as the slide, are made of solid plastic or metal, which allow it to slide freely. Also, toys for the sandbox, i.e. buckets, rakes or blades are made of plastic, which makes them much lighter. A thick rope, on the other hand, is suitable for building ladders or hanging swings.

Safety of playgrounds to the garden

A well thought-out garden space should also be safe for our children. A playground should be set up in a shady place, visible from a window or terrace, so we can watch what our children are doing in peace. We are also sure that children will not be exposed to harsh sunlight. For their safety, let us make sure that the devices are made of smooth surfaces and have no sharp protruding edges. It is important that the wooden elements are free of splinters, and the screws connecting the modules are finished gently. In this way, the square in the garden will be not only attractive but also a safe place to spend free time outdoors.

  1. Sandbox Smaller children love playing in the sand. There is a sandpit in the home playground, where the most wonderful buildings will be built, and you will also improve the first sand babies. The sandbox offers great opportunities to play even for larger children. It can be a construction site for excavators, cranes and bulldozers. Check how much fun a sand tipper full of sand will give your child. It is okay if the sandbox has a cover that you can cover the sand in case of rain.
  2. Swing Swing in playgarden Carefree swinging is something most children love. Swinging encourages children to leave the house. It also has a positive effect on the development of the ergot and stimulates children’s senses. A single swing in the garden will not take up much space, but it will make your child happy. It is enough that you have little space to set up a swing. You can also hang it in a tree.
  3. Slide Even in a small garden, there is a compact slide that will allow children to slide and slide carefree for hours. You can choose a turret with a slide, to which you can attach further modules such as a hanging bridge or a ladder.
  4. Obstacle course Older kids need a lot of movement, so they need more advanced equipment. In the garden, it is also worth letting children climb and overcome various obstacles. For this purpose, with the help of stumps and boards, you can build a simple obstacle course or make a climbing ladder from a thick string.

4 ideas for a home playground

  1. Garden Kitchen: Children love to prepare food on the like or from the sand. If your child likes to cook too, give him a garden kitchen. All you have to do is build a table without a worktop and insert two plastic containers or metal bowls to serve as a sink. It is worth to provide your kitchen with mini pans, pots and spoons.
  2. Balancing on the line: Children’s imagination knows no boundaries. Just two ropes hung at different heights and tied between the trees will make the crossing over the chasm a reality. A low-hanging bridge over the ground is also a great tool for learning to balance.
  3. A pirate ship: Looking for treasure is a lot of fun for children and adults, especially if you’re the captain of a pirate ship. You can use a pallet, a blocked pirate flag and a rudder to make it. There are long sailings waiting for you, but in the end, children love adventures.

Mini obstacle course. How do you make it step by step?

An easy to do an obstacle course in the garden perfectly develop the sense of balance and stimulates the creativity of the child. It also does not take up much space. To make it you need: a few stumps of different height and diameter, a thick board, a hammer, several cans of coloured paint, a brush.

  1. Spread the stumps on the ground in close proximity to each other so that they form an irregular path.
  2. Dig each trunk into the ground so that it is stable.
  3. You can also lead a footbridge from the board between two stumps. Cut the stumps into the thickness of the board and hammer it into the stump with a hammer.
  4. Children love colours, so some of the trunks should be painted with colourful paint such as start and finish.

Small garden playground

In a small garden, there is not always room for a large playground for children. But even with the materials available at home and in the garden, you can create a great attraction for your child. With a few long sticks and an old sheet, in a few moments, you can build a tipi, an Indian tent that will serve as a hiding place, base and house for children. The tent will make fun more interesting and also protect from the sun. You can also buy ready-made tipi, which you can easily move to another place or put in the children’s room.

Ideas for garden fun

Playing in the garden is a great way to spend time with your child. Playing freely in the open air is best as not planned by the parents so that your child learns to be creative and independent. The child can look at nature and insects through a magnifying glass, climb trees and run in circles. Older children, on the other hand, can grow their bed, mini tools will be an excellent gift for the little gardener.

We hope that our hints will help you to arrange an excellent garden playground for your child. Sign up for frezcrew and don’t miss our best deals and promotions to create a beautiful home!


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