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7 beauty tips with coffee

Coffee grounds from the office coffee machine make you beautiful – 7 beauty tips to make yourself

Coffee is a popular drink for many people. For some it means a caffeine kick in the morning that lets us start the day productively. For others, coffee is a ritual where family and friends get together, share, and discuss problems and worries. Almost every household has a filter coffee machine, but more and more people want to buy a fully automatic coffee machine.

But coffee or coffee grounds and the caffeine it contains can do much more than just taste good. It is well known that coffee and coffee grounds are true miracle cures that can be used in many different ways in the home and garden. For our beauty tips, however, it doesn’t matter whether you have a professional coffee maker or brew your coffee with a hand filter.

1. Face mask:

Coffee or coffee grounds in face masks work wonders. Because the antioxidants counteract the skin aging process. The contained caffeine stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin look fresher and younger. The coffee grounds from the professional coffee machine act like a peeling that removes dead skin cells.

Simply mix 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a mask and apply it evenly to the face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

2. Hair treatment

The antioxidants contained in coffee from the professional coffee machine protect against hair breakage. A coffee hair treatment restores strength and fullness to dull and fine hair. The caffeine promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair roots. But be careful: coffee has a coloring effect, so this hair treatment should only be used on dark hair.

And this is how it works: Simply prepare a coffee as usual with the professional coffee machine and let it cool down. Now massage this, including the coffee grounds, into the scalp and hair and wait 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3. Eye mask

Anyone who has ever slept badly and too short knows that: dark circles. But if you use your coffee grounds wisely, you can quickly find a remedy. To do this, simply take the coffee grounds from the office coffee machine home with you, apply it under the eyes and let it work for five minutes. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels and draws the fluid out of the swollen areas. Puffiness and dark circles are reduced. Finally, carefully remove the coffee grounds with lukewarm water.

4. Body peeling

A coffee body peeling can be mixed with various ingredients. You simply mix a few teaspoons of coffee grounds with honey and / or oil (jojoba oil or olive oil). By applying it to the skin, dead skin cells are gently removed and cell renewal is stimulated at the same time. With regular use, the complexion is significantly improved. In addition, the coffee body peeling helps prevent cellulite. Empty your office coffee machine after work and do something good for yourself at home.

5. Hand soap

Who does not know this: Even after a while after cooking, the hands smell of onions, garlic and Co. Washing hands with soap doesn’t really help. Very uncomfortable. This is where coffee grounds come into play. Brew a coffee with the office coffee machine and enjoy it while the coffee grounds cool down. Then simply rub your hands with coffee grounds and rinse. The smells have already disappeared after cooking. People who buy a fully automatic coffee machine have the advantage of being able to get their coffee grounds quickly at any time.

6. Foot peeling

Our feet also need a little attention every now and then. To do them some good, mix some coffee grounds with olive oil for a quick foot peel. Just like the body scrub mentioned above, the coffee grounds foot scrub removes dead skin. In addition, it reduces the annoying callus and prevents it. Thanks to the caffeine, the blood circulation in the feet is stimulated. The olive oil makes the skin supple and soft.

7. Lip balm

Not only in winter do our lips suffer and become brittle. Summer also stresses our lips. The air is dry and salt water when bathing dries it out. That’s why they need some maintenance every now and then. With a mixture of honey, oil and coffee grounds from the professional coffee machine, dry and chapped lips are cared for soft and supple.

As you can see, many beauty tips can easily be put into practice with coffee grounds. If you do not yet have a professional coffee machine and are thinking about buying a coffee machine, we will be happy to help you. Simply visit us in our on-site shop and let us advise you.


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