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7 Ayurvedic tips for healthy and glowing skin

Every woman wants beautiful, radiant skin and men appreciate that. It has to do with evolution. People are attracted to clear, beautiful skin and a glowing complexion, because this is a sign health.

Ayurveda has a couple of tried and tested tricks at hand with which we can make our skin clearer, softer and more radiant, without having to spend a fortune on cosmetics.

Let’s first look at what causes our skin to become dry, rough and irritated during certain times of the year or with age. Ayurveda says that this happens through the accumulation of Vata in the body. Vata dominates fall and early winter and in people over 50. People with too much Vata tend to have dry skin, cracking joints, thin and dry hair, and brittle nails. Vata also increases when one is stressed, eating improperly, or living in cold, dry climates. The secret to looking youthful is to keep Vata in check.

Here are a few tips that will slow down the buildup of Vata in the body and help us stay young and keep the skin beautiful.

Don’t miss out on vegetables

Stick to vegetables that are high in water and easy to digest – such as lettuce, carrots, cucumber, fennel, or asparagus tips. These vegetables are good for all doshas and therefore also for all skin types. Simply combine three of these vegetables and enjoy them with a simple dressing made from olive oil and lemon.

Eat like a bird

Both traditional and Ayurvedic medicine agree that eating seeds and nuts improves the condition of the skin. Vata dries up, which is why all foods that contain naturally healthy fats help to correct this imbalance. Nuts and seeds are very healthy – they contain omega-3 and other healthy fatty acids, as well as fiber, which is beneficial for digestion that is weakened by Vata. Almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and other types of nuts are well suited. It’s best to eat this as an afternoon snack, when Vata is predominant anyway.

Drink tea

Vata is dry and cold in nature, which is why the skin looks young longer if you keep these two qualities in check. Drink enough every day and prefer warm liquids such as herbal teas. A tea with fresh ginger and lemon wakes up in the afternoon and keeps digestion going, which is very important for glowing skin.

Training for the skin

Exercise is necessary to prevent Vata from accumulating in the body. Modern medicine recommends exercise to keep muscles and joints healthy while sweating out toxins. Regular exercise also improves blood circulation, digestion and gives the skin a healthy color.

Choose the sport that gives you the most energy and makes you feel good without being completely exhausted. Whether walking, jogging, dancing, yoga or boxing – you should enjoy it and have fun doing it.

To breathe

One of the main reasons Vata increases is because of high levels of emotional and mental stress. Literally all vital substances are sucked out of our skin, which then dehydrates.

Meditation and breathing exercises can be very effective against stress. Maybe you want to give it a try. A simple breathing exercise is this: Lie on your back or sit comfortably. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Now breathe into your stomach so that it rises slightly, then inhale further so that the ribs rise and finally the entire chest until the air completely fills the lungs. Watch your breathing while doing this. When you breathe out, let the air out in reverse – your chest, ribs, and stomach sink in one by one. You repeat this for five to ten minutes when you have to come down – be it before a meeting or before going to bed.

Fall asleep with sunset

Accumulated Vata often leads to restlessness that can even lead to insomnia and this is really bad for the skin. It should be at least seven hours of sleep a day if you want a healthy and glowing complexion. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you should try relaxation techniques.

Moisturizing on a new level

It is good to drink a lot. This supplies the body with the moisture it needs. Nevertheless, we must not forget to take care of our skin from the outside as well. Cleansing and moisturizing are essential to keep the skin healthy and young. An oil massage is the best remedy for dry skin. Anti-aging oil massages in the evening are perfect for optimal absorption. You should rub the skin with a nourishing oil two to three times a week in the evening. A full body massage with oil once a week is wonderful. It stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduces water retention. In addition, such a massage calms the mind and you come back into balance. Natural, organically produced oils are sufficient, but you can also use a massage oil that reduces Vata.


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