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3 ideas for a playful child’s room

Cabin good tipi raised get inspired!

If for an adult the bedroom is a privileged place of rest and relaxation, for a child it is above all a room of play and discovery, of laughter with pleasure, a place of learning and experiences … where he can incidentally sleeping when he has to recharge his small batteries! And so that he can refuel in the rules of the art, what better than a bed with a playful spirit, specially designed to satisfy his thirst for dreams and adventure. Rest assured: if you lack the inspiration to find your little one the bed of their dreams, the editor has prepared a small selection. It’s your turn !3 bed ideas for a playful child’s room

For mini-adventurers, why not a cabin good?

If your little one is a daredevil, and he loves climbing trees and climbing all the furniture in your house, don’t hesitate any longer, and offer him the bed of his dreams: a cabin good  ! Very popular in the world of children’s bedding, the cabin bed exists in different versions

  • The cabin bed in a maisonette version , where you just have to place the mattress of your blond head in a wooden structure imitating the framework of a small house. Small house that it is also quite possible to personalize, for example by placing curtains on the sides to create a canopy or bivouac spirit … What better way to make your kid feel completely at home when is he in his bed? 
  • The cabin bed with perched sleeping area accessible via a ladder, a roof and openwork openings: a bed that never ceases to feed the imagination … As soon as Junior climbs the ladder of his bed he has everything he needs. leisure to exalt his adventurous spirit. Design and original, the cabin bed with perched bed has many advantages: in addition to offering a comfortable bed, this bed quickly becomes a new playmate, which also makes it possible to enhance the bedrooms in the blink of an eye. most mundane children. Finally, the elevated position of the bed makes it the ally of space-saving enthusiasts, because it is quite possible to invest the space under the bed in storage space. This is what is called combining the useful with the pleasant!

For the intrepid little ones: a half-high bed 

If your child has plenty of imagination and has always dreamed of a bunk bed, there’s nothing like a  mid-high bed  to gain height and create their own world … in complete safety, especially thanks to the wide edges surrounding the bed. The big highlight of the mid-high bed is of course the access to the bed by a reversible ladder, which the intrepid little ones will not fail to climb with pleasure to take refuge in their perched cocoon.

Parents concerned about design, storage tips and optimized space will  appreciate the choice of colors available as much as the free space under the bed … But not as much as the little ones who will be sure to enjoy their new space. of games to bring to life the craziest stories of pirates, princesses and dragons. Something to make friends and girlfriends want!

For tribal leaders, long live the tipi bed!

With the tipi  bed , the adventure begins as soon as your child wakes up. Well hidden in his stylized hiding place in the shape of a tipi, the chief of the tribe feeds his dreams of Indians and adventures from his single bed. The spirit of the Navajo soars in your interior …

Some 100% smart models even offer an all-wood structure, with storage drawers under the bed to allow your child to slide his books, toys and all his treasures. Too practical, right ?!


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